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NEW MOON Preview “Jacob’s Transformation” [HD OFFICIAL] | Jacob Black

Saturday, August 27, 2016

NEW MOON Preview “Jacob’s Transformation” [HD OFFICIAL]

January 15, 2011 by  
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HIGHEST QUALITY ON YOUTUBE: the OFFICIAL Jacob Black “Jacob’s Transformation” preview for the NEW MOON movie, starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, & Dakota Fanning. Follow me for the latest New Moon news: twitter.com Film releases November 20, 2009. More info at www.twilightguy.com =============================== NOTE TO YOUTUBE EDITORS This video is uploaded with written permission from Summit Entertainment. DO NOT REMOVE.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to “NEW MOON Preview “Jacob’s Transformation” [HD OFFICIAL]”
  1. CandyApplentm says:

    @gooddraak I have to agree no one thought of that did they. lol.

  2. jibi1705 says:

    o_0 alrite thn !!??

  3. smartadi2002 says:

    If you like twilight, mythology and vampire stories, check out twilightsaga dot xp3 dot biz !

  4. gooddraak says:

    Bella Doesn’t hurt her hand by kicking paul but by kicking jacob does have a result like a painfully right hand

  5. gooddraak says:

    Bella Doesn’t hurt her hand by kicking paul but by kicking jacob she have painfully hand :p

  6. blackreaperz says:

    da change part was FUCKIN OMG SEXY MAN LOL LMFAOOOOO

  7. ampboiflorida says:


  8. 000000melisa says:

    das ist geil

  9. javion33 says:

    Twinlight sucks

  10. friggyk says:

    @colt987 heh,fictionally!

  11. choupa451 says:

    j’adore twilight je suis fan j’ai les trois dvds et voir ses videos sur youtube sa me fais plaisir a mort car je kiff twilight a mort , I love you twilight :)

  12. L9go1as says:

    wtf ?
    those wolf of werewolf or what is it look like shit !

  13. ShaggieTV says:

    Great spoof of this at My CHANNEL!

  14. ShaggieTV says:

    Bored?..watch? ShaggieTV

  15. ShaggieTV says:

    Spoof of this scene!!..watch? ShaggieTV

  16. albertpesker says:

    0:24 bad boy pual!!! newspaper to face

  17. MrUgly321 says:

    @rozita138 sexicted? o.o

  18. MrUgly321 says:

    Looking back at it now, I realized that Paul felt Bella’s Slap, But in the Twilight Saga Eclipse, when Bella Punched Jacob, he didn’t feel it D:

  19. jv0507 says:

    Hairless ,Waxed, gay looking human form werewolves. Lame ass movies.

  20. eyeofbast says:


  21. musicadictor says:

    @Gryfu1 just personal opinion…when i was reading it-that is about a year ago- i really did love it…i guess now its plain meritocracy to me….but hey, depends on the person and the current mood :)

  22. rozita138 says:

    hey what did you do, hey, what did you do to him ,HEY ,watch it lil girl , he didnt want this, what if we do , what did he do, what did he tell you , BOTH OF YOU CALM DOWN , nothing he tells me nothing because hes scared of you, {laughs) [punch) PAUL DONT ,to late now , BELLA GET BACK PAUL ,PAUL GET BACK NOW [ROARS} BELLA , RUN JAKE RUN [SNARLS)!!!!!!!!!!! I REMEMBER @ the movies they were screaming so was i ,..i was actually sexcited XD-LOVEJACOB<3 TEAM JACOB FOREVER &ND EVER &ND EVER <3

  23. kiki13gigi says:

    @jumpingwatcher i think its cuz in twilight she slaps him, and in eclipse she punches, im not sure but thats what i think

  24. JandalarkProductions says:

    The only reason I watch this is to see the bitch get OWNED!
    He just jumps right on her head and knocks her to the ground like WHOOHOOHOOHOO TAKE THAT BITCH!

  25. azazel166 says:

    @PurpleCrazed14 The original concept of a Werewolf is that it walks on two and only transforms during a full moon, I never said that they are “real”.


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